Reaching the Uninformed

What surprises many credit unions is how remarkably uninformed Millennials are about the differences between credit unions and banks. Engagement Builder works to close that gap for you.

We’ve interviewed Millennials in several cities across the United States to better understand their banking preferences. Watch this revealing video to learn what Millennials really have to say about banks and credit unions.


Inside the Millennial Mind

The latest research confirms that brands today must deliver a personal, direct and customized experience in their engagements with Millennials. Fortunately for credit unions, it is an approach that comes naturally and without pretense. Having a shared devotion to authenticity and community is a binding agent and a sweet spot of relevance between Millennials and credit unions.

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Millennial Research

The Millennial research group program at PSCU conducted an extensive research project to discover the deep, unmet needs and behaviors of Millennial consumers. The report reveals insights about their understanding or lack of understanding of financial services and of credit unions specifically. This report can serve as one input to your strategic plans to help you gain new members for your credit union and develop long, successful relationships with this growing demographic segment.

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